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Uncompromising, unforgiving, neon savagery. In Fury, the path ahead is as beautiful as it is deadly. Every door you kick down holds a brand new challenge. How you deal with it is entirely your business, though.

The elevator ride will provide some respite from the previous carnage. Use it well. The worst is still to come.

So mask up, put on some decent shoes and wear gloves—you have no idea how slippery it gets.

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rogue masters

Step bravely into a coop, looter game pitting powerful warriors against waves of monsters. Develop your fighting skills through tough-but-fair, Soulslike combat mechanics. Combine your might to protect this ruined world from Entropy, an unstoppable and mystical force for chaos.

Work together to muster the Willpower necessary to gain the day. Only it can contend with the dark forces that loom large.

Still, the war against Entropy is as inevitable as it is endless. Battle onward warriors, to the end of worlds.

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this is the way

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loopowl is an indie game developing and publishing company with decades of combined experience in game design. At loopowl, we strive for innovation with every product we release, and we wish to foster that same innovation in our players and partners. 

We are constantly on the lookout for unique gaming products and creators to further the development of a media we love. We also wish to encourage other indie developers and help them publish their projects.

Collaboration and honesty rule here. No smoke and mirrors. No loopholes.

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