Time to Get Disgruntled

Fury is a side-scrolling symphony of mayhem, topped with a heaping serving of physics madness. As soon as you set foot in the neon-lit tenement building, there will be no safety until you have absolutely murderized every SNORO enforcer in there. Do it fast, do it slow, but live to do it all again tomorrow.

You have had enough of this terrible job, terrible place, terrible life. Become the boot—stomp back. Redecorate every room with the enemy’s blood.

Enter the procedurally generated levels and do your worst. Randomized havoc is the name of the game, and every new room you break into is a new challenge. Reach the elevator, if you can, but don’t hope for the next part to be easy.

Grab whatever you can find, from a lowly dinner fork all the way to a minigun. Nailguns and lunchboxes also work wonders, in the right hands. Don’t forget to pick from your collection of stylish masks to add some flair to the carnage.

Use the realistic body movement mechanics to navigate the run-down apartments and use it to your advantage when dispatching cyberthugs. Creative problem-solving will get you home safe… most of the time.

Track your progress and analyze your murder spree with a robust statistical report. Play Classic mode to hone your skills and see how far you can go, or Ranked, where you will be rated on your performance.

Climb the leaderboards to show everyone how you turn chaos into art, or benefit from our out-of-the-gate mod compatibility to take part in the madness.